If it’s not written NAKIUK under the sole, it’s not a NAKIUK.

Shola offers a five year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty is applicable only if the product was properly maintained and was not over abused. We assume no responsibility for the following damages.

Warranty on soles

Soles are injected with natural primary materials and composites. Fire, intense heat, snowmobile modified foot-heaters and contact with any petroleum products can damage boot soles. We do not take responsibility for these deteriorations.

Warranty on fur

Fur is also a natural primary material. Fur does not support rubbing. Colour may change over the years and the leather may deteriorate if the boot is not thoroughly dried after each use. Take note that fur products are made to be worn in cold temperatures.

In order to validate your warranty, you must contact us or go to your retailer with your original receipt.


The fur used to create our products does not come from endangered species. Fur supply from trapping is done with respectful conditions towards the animals and the environment.


By making a wise use of our products, they will last for many years.

SHOLA INC. thanks you for walking along.

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