Cow fur hight boot with collar – Nakiuk 47721C

695,00 $

  • Cow fur with collar
  • Side closure with ABS
  • Black laces
  • 10 black leather eyelet tabs per boot
  • Height from the ground  39 cm
    (This can vary slightly according to the size)
  • Women’s size 3 to 11
  • Liner for that style is 7721 (black) 7724 (white)

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Thermal rating chart

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To maximize performance


  1. NAKIUK sole with air pocket, direct factory injected according to our precise standards of quality.
  2. Front and rear fiber reinforcement fused to fur and NAKIUK sole.
  3. Insulating sole between air pocket and boot liner to increase thermal rating.
  4. Boot liner manufactured according to NAKIUK specifications for extra shape memory.
  5. Normandy fur,treated during tanning to repel water.

Our factory sole-injection process enhances quality control and allows us to calibrate the mix of materials. The result is a sole that grips in the cold and wears better than PVC, urethane, or polyurethane.

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