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Nakiuk products are available in stores across Canada. You can see our list of retailers if you click here.

Nakiuk is made for people who thrive for quality boots and accessories.
For the heat:

  • Nakiuk is renowned all over the World for their warm boots. In addition, our staffs in each store get a regular training in order to effectively advise you on your thermal rating needs. This is highly important because, if you find the product adapted to your needs in your choice of fur (use, health, etc.) the cold will no longer be a concern.

For the quality:

  • All primary materials have been selected according to Nakiuk’s high standards for over 25 years. Many of these materials are especially designed for Nakiuk. This ensures a reliable product and the complete customer satisfaction.
  • Partnership agreements are established with our suppliers for certain materials in order to maintain this exclusive quality.
  • During the manufacturing process, there are three quality control stations.
  • Our company uses the maximum amount of primary materials in order to minimize the parts made of synthetic materials.

Please, take note that our products are also eco-responsible. Mostly composed of natural materials, they are more biodegradable than synthetic products.

There is no indication of the temperature on Nakiuk products for the following reason:Tests are generally made in a laboratory and do not represent the reality. For instance, they do not take under consideration factors such as, blood circulation, health condition, type of climate, etc. that might influence the result.

Tests on Nakiuk products are carried out by men and women in various cold regions, such as, Nunavut, Baffin Island, Labrador City, etc., and results are conclusive.

Nakiuk products undergo a process repelling water and can be exposed to snow-melting temperatures. Please note that our products are not made for a high water-resistant rating at mild temperatures. They are made to face the cold. They are natural fur products that maximize moisture release.

Use and care precautions will make the difference. In normal condition use, this product will offer you a high quality performance for many years. On the other hand, this product is not made for working. Therefore, its life will be shortened if it is use for farming or lumber works, for instance. Remember that these boots are made from natural materials and friction may wear it out. Contact with petroleum products affects the soles components.

There is no left or right foot for soles. Products with side zippers are worn towards the exterior. If you have boots with a front zipper, there is no difference, identify the interior of your boot and of the lining when you start to wear them. When the lining becomes moulded to your foot, you will feel the difference if you put it on the opposite foot.

First, foam is a primary material which is laminated onto other fabrics. Nakiuk foam liner is one of its kinds. Many different types of foam compositions exist. The majority is identified as having a memory which returns to its initial shape when pressure is removed. This occurs because mini air bubbles that make up the foam are linked together.

Nakiuk foam has a memory for each use, not after the use. Mini air bubbles are not linked to one another. The result is a clearly superior insulation. It is not easy for the consumer to detect this detail in store, however, after many comments, we can state that if the foam liner is not marked Nakiuk, it is simply not a Nakiuk quality.

When you come back from outside, take the liners out of your boots and let them air-dry on their side at room temperature away from any heat source to let the humidity out. Liners are not washable. It is important to know that when your soles are thinned, it is time to change them. If you keep them for many years in this condition, your interior soles will eventually thin. You will then have to change the liners and the soles in order to keep your feet warm.

Nakiuk soles are direct factory injected. There are two different ways of making soles by casting or by injecting. By casting, you will get polyurethane and urethane type soles, for example. Into the high pressure injection, materials that are used may vary. For instance, we find PVC, TPR, etc.

Another form of injection exists although it is less common for its complexity: low pressure injection. This is the method used for making Nakiuk boots. Half of the recipe comes from a supplier following Nakiuk requirements, and the other half is elaborated directly in our factory to preserve its exclusiveness and stand out on the market. The sole remains flexible, insulating, light and grip even in the cold temperatures.

On the market, you can find soles which are disigned similar to Nakiuk, but their materials are different. Moreover, those soles are not injected at a low pressure. You would not get the expected performance. Don’t be fooled, if it’s not written Nakiuk, it’s not Nakiuk quality.

The best quality-price ratio remains cowhide products. Its hair is longer and hides the stitches. The hide is thicker, which provides a better protection even if there is hair loss due to friction or wearing over time.

Trap line furs are also excellent choices if you need a greater thermal value. Fur is made of hair and down, which adds thermal value.

In an increasing order of heat, we find, seal fur, cow, beaver, coyote and fox. It is also possible to meet your special requests in fur, such as badger and Norwegian white fox. Furs that are used must be authorized by the Law. For a particular order, visit your retailer with all details. According to your request and the availability of the material, he will get an estimated cost and a delivery time for your project.
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If the fur is in good condition, flexible and if neither the front nor the back of your boots are punctured, we can change the soles. If the fur is punctured or rigid, we can change the lower parts and the soles at the same time. In this case, we need to estimate the costs. We invite you to visit your retailer or contact us for more details.

If you have any particular needs, such as, a larger collar, you wear prosthesis or you are unable to bend your foot to get the boot on, etc. visit your retailer to let him know about your needs. Our company will then submit the cost and the production time according to your request.

Absorbing humidity is one of wool’s properties. Doing so for the majority of products on the market fulfills a need, but it is not the case for Nakiuk. The Nakiuk technology completely manages moisture in our fur boots and is made to evacuate it. Thus, for maximum thermal performance from your fur boots, we highly recommend that you wear socks made of nylon components without wool or cotton.

If your boots get dirty, clean them using a pet brush and a mild soap. Rub boots lightly in the opposite direction as the hair and then in the same direction as the hair. Let the fur boots air-dry on their sides at room temperature, away from any source of heat, as it may damage the fur and the sole which are natural components.

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