With SHOLA INC., rediscover winter.

Extreme heat, supreme comfort!

In order to maximize the lifetime of your product, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid wearing your boots in wet snow. Our boots are made for extreme cold, therefore, we advise you to wear them when temperatures are below -8°C.
  • We recommend you remove the liner to dry it after each use. Also place your boots down on their side at room temperature. Avoid drying your boots over a strong heat source that could damage them.
  • If your boots are dirty, you may clean them with snow, using a wet cloth or by brushing them with a pet brush.


Putting away your boots
At the end of the season, always put away your fur boots in a dry, cool and ventilated place.Before putting them away, we recommend you to proceed to a simple inspection:

  • On the exterior: verify the eyelets and stitches;
  • On the interior: inspect the removable liner.

For any repairs or to buy new liners, we suggest you rely on your authorised retailer. We recommend you take note of your boot style or take it to your retailer if you wish to change the liners. We offer a year round repair service. The delay will be confirmed upon reception and evaluation of the product.



If it’s not written NAKIUK under the sole, it’s not a NAKIUK.

  • NAKIUK soles grip even in extreme cold, they are light and don’t harden by cold temperatures.
  • You benefit from a five year warranty applicable on other components and manufacturing defects.
  • Fire, intense heat, snowmobile modified foot-heaters and contact with any petroleum products can damage boot soles. We do not take responsibility for these deteriorations
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