Shola, defy the cold with style

Hand-crafted with care, our products distinguish themselves for their design and quality workmanship.

Design and quality

All around the World, we proceed to a careful selection of our primary materials, such as, sealskin, cowhide as well as beaver and fox’s fur. All that combined with an exclusive manufacturing processes, make the success of our entirely Quebec’s enterprise.

Shola offers top quality boots and mittens that meet the expectations of the most exacting consumers.

Highly skilled team- some members of which have more than 40 years of experience in this field-maintains a close watch on developing trends, technology, and materials to constantly remain on the cutting edge.

Our desire is to develop products in a close relationship with nature and the greatest respect towards the environment.

Located in Beauce region, Shola benefits form a competent and efficient workforce. This is a strong asset to face the international competition.


Shola assures you that there is no reason to dread the cold when winter is upon us. Our entirely Quebec’s enterprise, who perfectly masters the Northern climate, makes high- end boots and mittens through a unique traditional method. We benefit from a competent and efficient staff. Shola offers a specialized training according to the tasks performed. All these gathered elements offer you the guarantee of a superior quality product and a distinctive design.

To take full advantage of winter pleasures, Nakiuk, Jivik and Labrasky (available soon) boots are your best choices.


Shola is located in Vallée-Jonction, in Beauce. The enterprise’s owners maintain the highest quality standards. In order to achieve this, they devote countless means and hours to their enterprise.

Mr. Verreault has been working in the shoemaking industry for over 44 years. He started with Les Entreprises J.M. Nadeau and Sons in Saint-Bernard. In those days, the factory made lumber boots, sports boots and Nakiuk fur products. In 1998, Mr. Verreault followed his ambitions with new shareholders by creating Chaussures Vercorp Inc. Company that kept on manufacturing as J.M. Nadeau.

Shola was fonded in 2005. The enterprise focuses on the conception and manufacturing of products perfectly adapted to extreme cold.

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